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Complete Your premisis with the Hi-Tech Solutions of Mediaesthetic Face! Immediate results visible to your patients from the first application.

3 Step Anti-Age Treatment


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It penetrates the micro channels between the cells of the skin, creating tiny holes on the skin by encouraging the best result of therapy by stimulating the area to be treated; favoring the absorption of products and increasing the mechanism of action of electro.


Innovative anti-aging treatment!

Ideal for: Anti-age, as gives tone to tissues and facial muscles, enhance a young appearance, fighting the ravages of time. The results is a treatment that elasticizes and restores compactness to the skin.

The Kinesiology Tape, through a right way of application, provides a sensorineural stimulation of the skin, that consequently presses for the muscle reactivation helping wrinkles disappear. Lympho Taping has important application for wrinkles and scars cases with excellent results.


  • In the Aesthetic field, the kinesiology tape has different ways of application thanks to the positive physiologic effect on the skin, on the lymphatic and circulatory system, and thanks to the faculties of supporting muscles and to give a long term manipulation to soft tissue.
    The Lympho-Kinesiology Tape is applied with focused technique for the increment of the haemolymphatic centripetal drainage ( that goes from periphery to the middle), with the purpose of:
    • Remove body fluids congestions;
    • Reduce heat in excess and the presence of chemicals materials in the tissues;
    •Improve tissues oxygenation amplifying the effect of the various treatments combined to achieve the best result.


    Faedo Giancarlo

    Faedo Giancarlo
    Expert Kinesiology Tape


Why using Medilight in your Aesthetic Clinic?

With Medilight you can achieve Positive Results on patient soon after 15 minutes. Medilight exploit the combined action of two wave length, one not visible at the human eye (870 mm) and one of intense red colour with emission of 640mm, ideal for re-activate the activities of our cells. The continuous LED light increases the cellular activities both on the surface layers of the derma and in depth and frees Energy of law intensity, without thermal effects.
• The led light can be used on all type of skin
• All the time, even during Summer time
• Close to the neck and breast area without creating alteration to the gland structure, as the derma is not subject to thermal shocks.


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